Hi to all. I have been wanting to write something to voice my appreciation to Next Chapter for quite some time but felt that waiting until the the New Year was better as its a very special time for myself.

"What a difference a year makes".........

I crashed through (Lorna's words. Lol!) the doors of Next Chapter a very broken women. Abused, Addicted and not really knowing where I would even begin....but begin I did. It was the start of an incredible journey, that as cliches go has been nothing short of a miracle.

With the support of staff ay Next Chapter I find myself not only alive but actually living a life I neither thought I deserved of believed. They believed in me and I have now come to believe in myself. The opportunities that I was given, the help I had, the work they did with me was and is amazing!

I thank God every single day that I ended up stumbling through those doors but I did have Hope. Next Chapter has given and supported me throughout my journey and I am forever grateful for the belief in me which also includes Foodbank (Nikki).

I now have my appearance (lol), my family back in my life, a roof over my head, food in my cupboard. I volunteer, I have job opportunities and most of all am I flipping year clean, safe and sober!!! None of this would have been possible if not for all the incredible ladies at Next Chapter (and Simon) that constantly encouraged me and still do.

I have so much appreciation, gratitude and LOVE for all that you helped me to achieve. If you havn't dozed off yet thank ALL...Lorna, Jan, Mandy, Charlee, Sally, Eleanor, Julie, Hasina, Katy. THANK YOU......xxx