Emotional Support

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We offer a range of services to support people in the community to help them stay safe, manage and escape from domestic abuse and recover from their experiences to live the next chapter of their life free from domestic abuse.

Emotional Support

  • Allow you the opportunity to be heard and to be believed and not judged
  • Create a safe space for you to open up and actively listen to what you are sharing
  • Explore the dynamics of a healthy relationship and what it looks like, which will be something different for everyone
  • Explore boundaries and what that means for each individual which again is different to each person. Explore ways to set boundaries and keep them in place
  • Skills to develop positive wellbeing practises such as mindfulness coping strategies
  • Building knowledge around trauma bonds and how to break a trauma cycle
  • Bereavement support – understanding that it is ok to grieve the loss of your relationship and to learn to let go of what they once had or wanted – all the hopes and dreams you had
  • Education around the abuse cycle and the psychology of abuse
  • Learning to let go of guilt and learn to love yourself more and feel worthy to take back control of your future
  • Future Planning - what do you want to happen next?
  • Empowerment is a strong thread throughout the work we do – learning to think about what you want and that it is ok to take back control to make your own decisions. This renewed confidence will see you soar and become the strongest advocate for yourself

Have a look at this advice and guidance about keeping yourself safe.

If you are thinking about leaving it's really important to plan ahead as much as you can so you can keep yourself safe.  

These links take you to some advice and guidance to help you plan your exit.