With our support, survivors of domestic abuse can reclaim their lives and choose the future they want.

Cycle of Abuse

The abuse cycle is a cleverly orchestrated process. It is designed to be this way by your abuser. They want you to feel lost, they want you to doubt yourself, then you will ‘need’ them even more. This feeds their ever-desperate ego.


Author: Abigail Symonds

Why doesn't she just leave??

Understanding the reasons and the countless barriers that stand in the way for any woman who is attempting to leave an abusive relationship is the important part. We will never just ask a woman to leave, we empower women to make their own decisions in an attempt to hold abusers to account for their behaviour.


Author: Abigail Symonds

A Stalking Advocate for Every Victim

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust conducted a survey in March 2022 to gather information on stalking victims’ access to, and experiences with, Independent Stalking Advocates.


Author: Jo Harbrow-Harris

Colchester Mayor's Charities of the Year

We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the Mayor's charities for their year in office.


Author: Jo Harbrow-Harris

1 in 5

children exposed to domestic abuse


increase in referrals  for our DA support services since the start of lockdown in March 2020

News & updates

  • Women's Aid publish The Economics of Abuse 2019

    The Domestic Abuse Report 2019: The Economics of Abuse explores the relationship between domestic abuse and economic resources, looking at the needs and experiences of survivors around finances, welfare, housing and employment (economic needs), and how these needs are met by specialist domestic abuse services. Read more

  • Women Who Kill

    As the culmination of 4 years of research by the Women's Centre for Justice into the criminal justice response to women who kill abusive men, this offers thought provoking insights into how the law, and how it is applied, prevents women from accessing justice... Read more

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