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Thank you so much to all our supporters who really go the extra mile when it comes to donating items we are in need of, we really appreciate all the help we receive!

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Making a donation...

If you are thinking about making a donation to Next Chapter, there is just a few things to bear in mind...

  • Please note that we cannot give out items such as razors, alcohol or candles for safety reasons
  • In refuge, we do not have bath facilities (showers only) so please do not donate bubble bath, bath bombs or soap
  • We also are currently not accepting second-hand items (Please don't take this as offence, we know there are lots of second-hand items that still have plenty of room to be loved again and we always try our best to recommend where to donate to!)
  • For an idea of items that we would love to receive please have a look at our Amazon wish lists.



Our storage space is limited for donations, so we often put out appeals for larger furniture items (e.g. sofas) as and when needed for our families. Please follow our social media pages where appeals are often posted, just search 'The Next Chapter' on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We do have a donation line if you wanted to speak to a member of staff regarding a donation, just call 01206 500585 and select option 3. Alternatively, you can email to get in touch.

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Pre-Loved Children's Items

We are regularly offered lovely items for babies and children (from prams & cots through to clothes and second-hand toys) which far exceed our ability to store items.  For this reason, we have gone into partnership with Tots2Teens in Colchester who are a brilliant volunteer-based and run community group bringing clothes, accessories and essentials to families that need them.  They cater from newborn to 16 years of age.

We have agreed with Tots2Teens that we will direct our lovely supporters to them so that they can maximise the donations they receive to support as many families as possible and in return, whenever we have a family in need ourselves, Barbara and Eunice will source whatever our family need at the time.  Perfect!

You can contact them on

Or call them directly:

Barbara 07493143729

Eunice 07791217178