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Start the next chapter of your life

We know that when you leave refuge it can feel very scary.  We also know that you will have worked with your support worker to make sure that you are really ready to leave and start the next chapter of your life and you will be so much stronger than perhaps you think you are.

We don't want you to feel that you have lost the support and the umbrella of safety that our refuge offers.  Our lovely resettlement worker will make contact with you in the weeks leading up to you leaving refuge.

She offers support to our service-users moving on from refuge accommodation, providing practical support which can include applying for furniture grants, helping you set up direct debits, and even helping you organise your moving day.  She also offers vital emotional support in the lead-up to leaving refuge, accompanying you to house-viewings when they are local, signposting to activities within the local community and talking through any concerns you might have about moving on.

Please click here to read a blog about the day in the life of a resettlement worker.

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