We know that helping individuals recover from their experiences of domestic abuse can be complex, time-consuming and requires the involvement of a range of services and partner organisations, we see ourselves as a invaluable source of help, advice and support working alongside partner organisations.

As a well-established provider of specialist domestic abuse services, we recognise the value in working together for shared outcomes and our organisation is grounded in strong partnership working principles, practices and culture.  We value the opinions and role that other professionals play in the recovery and protection of the individuals we support, particularly when the family unit includes children and young people and we look to support wherever we can.  We seek to share relevant information where we have consent and where it relates to safeguarding concerns to enable the right support, by the right agency, at the right time can be provided.

We strive to ensure that the services we provide always represent best practice in delivery whilst also working to deliver service delivery innovation and development that can be shared.

We also know that, through our trained specialist staff, we offer unique insights and expertise in managing the impact of domestic abuse.  We are keen to ensure that we share this learning and development with partner professionals and organisations to grow the number of individuals who are able to spot the signs of domestic abuse and feel confident to have that first conversation.

Making a referral into our service

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