Recovery Refuge

We are delighted that we are now able to offer the combined specialist domestic abuse support and substance misuse support in our specialist Recovery Refuge.  We are proud that this helps to build a more equal society for women where everyone has a safe roof over their head regardless of their circumstances. Read more

Emotional support during your stay

We understand that you are likely to be feeling scared, lonely and anxious when you first arrive with us.  Alongside the offering you a safe place to stay, advice on how to stay safe and practical support for things like applying for benefits, housing advice etc, we also offer a range of support focussed on your wellbeing and recovery. Read more

Practical Support during your stay

We know that when you first move into refuge accommodation, sometimes called crisis accommodation, there can seem like an overwhelming number of things that you need to sort out.  Your support worker will understand this and is on hand to help you find your way through all the things that you need to do, both in the first few days and during your stay with us to help you move to a safe, happy and independent life. Read more

Referring yourself for refuge

Currently our refuges are women only spaces, which means that we can provide safe temporary accommodation for any woman and her children (boys up to age of 16) at risk of harm from domestic abuse. Read more

See inside

Get a feel for what our refuges look like inside... Read more

House rules

It is really important that we have a set of simple rules that everyone sticks to, which are aimed at ensuring we can keep everybody as safe as possible and that help provide a guide to shared communal living, so our houses can be as happy, calm and considerate as possible. Read more

Life in a refuge

A refuge is provided a home, where women and children who have experienced domestic violence and abuse can live in safety. Read more