We want what you would want for your best friend...

Access to the individual support, when it's needed, so that they can live the lives they want after abuse has happened

Anyone who is experiencing or has experienced domestic abuse will need emotional support of some kind, but their needs will vary.  However, we know that everyone will need to be listened to with respect and without being judged when they choose to talk about their experiences.  They want to be believed – and to feel they have been understood.

Survivors may be out of their abusive relationship but still experiencing lingering effects of trauma, such as nightmares or flashbacks.  

The aim of the counselling process is to allow the person to understand and accept themselves, to remember who they were before the abuse started, to rediscover their aspirations and life goals and then to understand how to change their thoughts and behaviours to be positive and build on their strengths to help them achieve.

We would love to be able to offer this opportunity for 1:1 support to every person we work with but we simply don't have enough funding to be able to.

Your support could mean the difference to someone recovering and being given the opportunity to rediscover their potential and their aspirations for their own next chapter.

£25 will fund a single support session for one of our clients