Currently our refuges are women only spaces, which means that we can provide safe temporary accommodation for any woman and her children (boys up to age of 16) at risk of harm from domestic abuse.

Can I come straight to you?

As you might expect, our refuge addresses are kept secret to keep the people living there as safe as we possibly can.  This means that you won't be able to get to us without having a telephone conversation with one of our support workers first.

It's also worth remembering that spaces in our houses are in high demand, so we might not always have a space available.

If you are considering leaving and would like to speak to us about whether refuge accommodation is right for you and your family, or want to refer yourself for a space in one of our houses then please you any of the ways listed below to make contact with us

Call us on 01206 500585 - we have someone who can answer the phone at any time day or night

or e-mail us on [email protected] (if you would like us to call you back then please provide us with your telephone number and a safe time we can call you)

or complete our quick help form here . (Add link to quick referral form)

Referral Process

If you are being supported by another organisation, working with social care in respect of keeping your children safe, or are being supported by the Police following an incident then they are able to complete a referral on your behalf.

They should use the full referral form which is available here (add link to referral form)

They can also telephone us on 01206 500585/761276 

Consent will be sought on a case by case basis to share details with referring body.