The responses from the survey show that stalking advocates play a
critical role in supporting a victim’s safety and wellbeing, as well as
improving outcomes for those wanting to pursue cases within the
criminal justice system. The overwhelming majority of respondents
reported that their stalking advocate helped them to navigate the
criminal justice system (90%) and improved their overall situation

Over one-third of respondents who were supported by a stalking
advocate said their stalking advocate helped them report to the
police, and approximately one in four said their stalking advocate
helped them on their journey to getting their stalker charged,
prosecuted, or convicted. Stalking advocates also helped victims to
understand their rights, log evidence, apply for protective orders,
and stay up to date on their case. In many cases stalking advocates
represented the victim when dealing with police, courts, solicitors,
and other professionals within the criminal justice system.

Respondents also said their stalking advocate was vital in
ameliorating their overall wellbeing and mental health.
Approximately three out of four respondents said their stalking
advocate had validated their experiences and confirmed that
they were experiencing stalking. Stalking advocates also helped
respondents by assessing risk, creating safety plans, and empowering
them to take next steps. It was not uncommon for respondents
to express how lost they would have been without their
advocate’s support.

The survey results demonstrate that stalking advocates have a
significant and positive impact on the experiences of stalking
victims: yet only one in four respondents worked with one.
Many expressed their desire to be connected with a stalking
advocate and believed that having a stalking advocate would
have greatly improved their situation. Furthermore, only 15% of
all respondents who reported to police were referred to a stalking
advocate by the police, highlighting the need for better responses
from those within the criminal justice system.

The report concludes with policy recommendations for the
government and criminal justice system, as well as a list of UK
organisations that provide specialised stalking support.

Read the full report bridgingthegap_2022.pdf