Many people are working towards 2021 .  Hopefully, a year filled with happier times and less COVID related restrictions. To some COVID has been the very least of their problems.

One lady that comes to mind is Dawn (names changed for obvious reasons!). Dawn has had a year from hell. Dawn has been a victim of abuse for several years and had been desperately trying to find a way to change her life. She desperately wanted the pain to stop and had tried so many approaches to tackle this but going it alone was simply not working.

Dawn had been beaten, spat at, held hostage in her own home and had been terrified that she would lose her Children because of how unsafe their home environment had become.

A few months ago, there was a serious incident whereby the police were called, the abuser was taken into custody. Dawn was relieved but at the same time terrified of what the implications would now mean for her and the kids. Thankfully, Dawn was referred to our services by the Police Officer who had attended that night. Dawn knew deep down that she had no choice but to face this now, head on, she was sooooo brave in doing so.

We worked together as team of professionals to work out a safety plan and inform dawn of her options. She took some time to come to the best course of action but after much consideration she decided that she wanted help in gaining an injunction. We explained this process to Dawn and supported her to gain a Non-molestation order. In short, this stopped her partner being able to contact her or attend the address. Giving her the breathing space she needed to make her home life safer.

We supported Dawn throughout, the implications were huge for her and her family, but this was just the first step in her finding her way out of what felt like a very dark hole.

Dawns case was taken very seriously by the Police as it was clear to see that she was at significant risk of harm, as were the children. Their investigations are on-going.

By working as a team with Social Care, Police and ourselves we were able to assist Dawn with a much-needed house move away from the area. Dawn is now able to start the New Year safely and free from abuse. Dawn continues to get emotional support from us and is considering being referred for some counselling. Her words as follows “Thank you for helping me, thank you for literally saving my life. This is from the bottom of my heart; I could not have done this without you”.

We are here to help; we will walk alongside you and help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

Even if you are not sure now is the right time for you please make contact as we can at least advise you and let you know your options.

Dawn is looking forward to a happier & safer New Year …… you have this vision too? Call us.

Maybe this could be your New Year’s resolution, one that you will always remember?

2021 is waiting for you, you deserve a happy one.

Until next year,