Domestic Violence against men happens, yes statistically the numbers are far fewer but is this because we are totally in the dark about the true number of men who actually need our help? None of us know what goes on behind closed doors and for a man to step out and say ‘help me, I’m being abused by my partner’ is incredibly hard. We are all equals, we all count, and we all have the right to live a life free from abuse.

I’ve worked with male victims; things have to get incredibly bad before they feel able to reach out for support. For example, many Men will feel scared to come forward due to societies views as Men being the ‘strong’ ones. ‘How can a man seek protection from a woman’ some may say….’why don’t they just man up’. This is just one example of prejudice’s that are very much still present in todays world. Yes, things are slowly becoming easier and support agencies are now available for Men, but I still feel that they are much more delayed in seeking help as they could be very nervous of how others may view their situation. On the rare occasion they do seek support they may be incredibly depressed, hopeless & sometimes even suicidal.

This needs to change.

We need to stand together and regardless of race, age, background, religion or sex we need to be a united front when challenging abusive behaviour. Domestic abuse is unacceptable, end of.

We all need to talk more about abuse in general so that Men can get the support they need quickly, we are here, and we are waiting to help.