Financial or economic abuse is not just about money it’s about the abuser having control and taking your choices away from you. It doesn’t always involve a crime like theft or fraud.

Sometimes the control will be obvious:

  • Does your partner stop you having your own money?

  • Do they demand to see receipts if they give you money to buy food or clothes for you or the children?

  • Are the family assets, like the house or the car, in your partner’s name, but the debts like bills or credits cards in your name?

  • Have they stolen money from you or taken out debts in your name?

Sometimes, the control is less obvious, but the outcome is the same. It stops you being able to get access to your own money and make your own choices, for example:

  • Have you ever had to turn down a job, or work fewer hours than you would like because your partner refused to share child care responsibilities?

  • Have you been unable to claim benefits because your partner has already made a claim for your family without discussing it with you?

  • Have you ever turned down an opportunity for training or work, that you knew would help you to earn more in the future, because you knew your partner would not be supportive?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then your relationship may be financially abusive and Next Chapter can offer guidance and support.

Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) is the only UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of economic abuse. Please see the link below for information that provides more information on this type of abuse.