Ask for ANI Boots Pharmacy Scheme

In an attempt to try and help as many victims as possible at the moment that are potentially stuck in lockdown with a perpetrator, the government have come up with a new scheme.

Many pharmacies, in particular Boots, will be displaying the following poster...

This means that the pharmacy is taking part in the 'Ask for ANI' scheme. If you approach a member of staff and ask for ANI, that staff member will assist you into a private consultation room. They will then help you with your next steps, whether that be contacting the police or accessing support through a domestic abuse organisation, such as Next Chapter. This is a discreet way of accessing vital help which during lockdown is arguably needed now more than ever. 

Please use this support if needed and spread the word so victims can access help. You can click here to read an article containing more information about the scheme. 

How do pharmacies sign up to this scheme? 

If you work in a pharmacy and would like to take part in this important scheme, you can click here for the full government training toolkit which contains all information needed to train members of staff.