What is 'You and Me, Mum'?

You and Me, Mum is a 10 week programme for mothers, it will help you understand how domestic violence affects you as a parent and how it affects your children.

It will empower, support and develop further understanding of your role as a mother in addressing the needs of your children and young people. The course focuses on self-empowerment and mutual aid. It doesn’t work directly with children. It recognises the central role of mothers in the protection and positive development of their children and young people.

This programme is run both online and face to face* (*depending on area and availability). 



WEEK 1 – An ideal family

WEEK 2 – What is domestic abuse?

WEEK 3 - How domestic abuse can affect me as a mother

WEEK 4 – How domestic abuse can affect my child or young person

WEEK 5 – Survival strategies of children and young people

WEEK 6 - Effective communication with my child or young person

WEEK 7 & 8 – How to deal with my child’s or young person’s challenging and aggressive behaviour

WEEK 9 – How to support my child with Protective Behaviours and safety planning

WEEK 10 – My hopes; dreams and plans

Feedback from past clients...

“Attending the course does not mean you have a problem with your child. You’re OK. You just want it to be better for them.”

“I now have a clear understanding of what domestic abuse is, why you are a victim of it and how it impacts you, your children and relationships. It's been a 6 month journey to recovery but I was only able to achieve this due to the help, support and clarity from the Next Chapter services. Without this help I wouldn't be where I am now,  I'm now in a safe place which is healthy and I'm so much stronger now, which enables me to be there for my children and ensure they grow up in a non-toxic environment.”

"This course has absolutely changed my life. I feel so much stronger. Doing this course has made me realise that I was a victim of domestic abuse. I wasn't crazy and I didn't deserve for it to happen to me. Meeting mums who have been through what I have been through has been so refreshing. To speak to people who understand exactly how you feel is just priceless. Finding out ways to help my daughter and behaviours to look out for has been such a valuable asset to have."

“ I feel incredibly grateful to have been given a place on the programme. It's helped me to much more effectively understand power and control, the tactics that can be used to weaponise children as part of the abuse, and how abusive behaviour manifests in children. It has also given me lots of useful techniques on activities to do or communication strategies. I feel much more confident to discuss what me and the children have experienced and are experiencing. If I hadn’t accessed this support I would have found my current struggles with court proceedings impossible to manage, and think I may have been worn down and given up.”

“The combination of the sessions, hearing others experiences and one to one calls when needed has been incredible.”

“In doing this course I have realised that I matter and that without me being okay my daughter can't be okay! I am learning to slow down and take time for myself. I now have a good understanding of how the abuse has affected us and our brain/ thought process. I feel more capable as a mum and am starting to find myself.”

If you think this course might be for you, but you are not 100%, please read this letter... It was wrote by a Mum who has finished the programme. It might just be the thing you need to read to help you make that decision!

To take part in this programme you can either self-refer or be referred by a professional. Any questions please contact our friendly team on 01206 500585 or email [email protected]