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Your story

We would love to hear your story, how we have helped you and we would love to hear about the successes you have achieved since you worked with us.

Your story is most effective when told from your point of the view. Telling us about how your life has changed will be compelling and inspiring and might just help someone else take the important decision to ask for help.

Think about including
1. How it was before you made the decision to ask for help - what was your situation and what challenges did you face?
2. What happened to make you decide that you needed help or support?
2. How did things change as a result of the support you received?
3. What are things like now, what are your hopes for the future?

We will ask you how we can use your case study at the end of the form. Even if you say that we can use it to publicise the support we offer, then we will make sure that we change any names and we won’t share anything that could let someone know who you are.