We understand that you are likely to be feeling scared, lonely and anxious when you first arrive with us.  Alongside the offering you a safe place to stay, advice on how to stay safe and practical support for things like applying for benefits, housing advice etc, we also offer a range of support focussed on your wellbeing and recovery.

Specialist Support 

Our Refuge Support workers offer emotional support with a listening ear.  They will believe you and will not make any judgements, but will work alongside you being led by your needs.

As part of this support, they will work with you to create a support plan which is led by your needs and will identify the areas of support that you feel you need and informed by your support worker.

We offer access to our counselling service and to group sessions as they are available.

Evening Support & 24 hr on call

We understand that during an evening you can feel isolated and lonely, so we employ an Evening Support Worker

between the hours of 5pm – 10pm. She offers a friendly face and a listening ear and makes a great cup of tea.

Friends and family

Whilst in our accommodation we understand how important it is to leave your family and friends, you are able to allocate one female visitor to visit you during office hours Monday- Friday for the duration of your stay with us.