Hi there and welcome to the last blog from the IDVA team for the time being!

So, we wanted to tell you all about our service who we are what we do and most of all how we can help you. I could talk and talk about our service indefinitely, I guess because I want you to feel comfortable. I want you to feel that you can trust us with your own individual story, but now it is time for you to hear a bit less from me and a bit more from people who have used our service, and what other agencies may tell you about our service, so here we go...

What other agencies have said...

Thank you for also being so proactive in supporting ****** and advising her on where to seek support. I particularly like that there are IDVA’s who will listen to ****** concerns and try to assist in hopefully getting an order in place to protect her and their 7-month-old daughter, who in my eyes is the most important person in this investigation... Comment from Essex Police.

 Thank you for agreeing to join the CIN (child in need) meeting at the last minute for **** I know we are now able to close the case to CSC for ***** I know that she is very appreciative of all the support you have and you continue to give her and she has told me she feels confident happy and safe and she is also now on a list for a managed move, which is all thanks to you and the IDVA team at Next Chapter… Comment from a Social Worker.


What have our clients said about their experience with IDVA's...

 Our clients frequently say thank you for all your help and support, thank you for listening...

“Thank you for your email and talking to me earlier it was really nice to talk someone who feels for me and understanding and also same time actually give me some very helpful advice" 

"I’m very appreciated you help and kindness"

"Hey I got the email (of funding which the IDVA applied for, for her) thank you ever so much honestly I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for you honestly I’m so grateful you believed in me when no one else did and now I’m finally hear it’s such a good feeling your amazing at your job and Next Chapter are so lucky to have you hope you have a good day"

"Thank you so much Gemma. You have been extremely helpful, I really appreciate all your help and support. Take care"

 "Thank you so much for all your support, I literally feel like you have saved my life I couldn’t of got though this without you!"

"I feel like a new woman thanks to my IDVA"

***** has said that Next Chapter is a lifeline for her as no one else really understands DA like we do and that to some people things she is petrified of seem trivial but we just get it.

"My IDVA was great she was so good she’s so kind she listened to me. She helped me get through the court case, but do you know what the best thing was she believed me and I stopped thinking I was mad or going crazy!"

So, there you have it we really will do our very best to help, support and guide you through the process no matter what your individual circumstances are. You are important to us, we do hope that you have enjoyed reading the blogs from the IDVA team. I am sure you will hear from us again in the future but for now all of us in the team would like to say a big heartfelt thank you for taking the time to read. Please get in touch if you would like our help.