Mary (name changed) is a 71 year old female who is currently being accommodated in refuge accommodation after fleeing her husband of 50 years as a high risk victim.

Mary self-referred for support after being married to her husband for 50 years.  She disclosed that he had always been very controlling and he would emotionally and verbally abuse her.  She shared that he would pinch her to hurt when they were younger and try to control what she could do.  She said that the in the last 2 years his behaviour had become lots worse with emotional and verbal abuse.  This had left her feeling as if she was walking on eggshells.  She did have a support network in place.

She was provided a Community Outreach Worker and after a period of prolonged and sustained physical abuse culminated in a serious physical assault where her husband hit her with a plank of wood she fled the family home.

Mary is currently resident in our refuge accommodation and is being supported to obtain legal orders and secure alternative accommodation for when she moves on. As Mary and her husband own their own home, finding her alternative accommodation whilst her husband remains resident in the property is much harder. A referral has been made to Adult Social Care due to client’s vulnerability.

We continue to offer emotional and practical support to Mary as she moves forward on her personal journey towards a happy and independent life free of the abuse that she has suffered for the last 50 years.