Recent contact from one of our previous refuge clients

*Names have been changed to protect client identity.


We asked Annabelle for her consent to share her story and this is what she said 😊

I have no issues with you sharing our story.  I hope it brings hope to people in refuge that may think things won’t get better, or give people the confidence to leave their abusers and seek help as I did. When you are in the midst of the chaos it feels like such a huge step to take to ask for help, the irony is that sometimes you feel guilty for wanting to leave the person who is causing you so much pain. But it is important to know that there is no shame in wanting a better life for yourself and your family. Gaining control of your life again may feel scary and unknown in the beginning, but over time you learn to truly live again. Be kind to yourself, accept the help and let people and professionals support you. Break that cycle 💜


Annabelle’s update to us a year after she left our refuge to move up North.

It has been over a year since we moved up North.  Can you believe it? I wanted to check in with you to see how you are? I still think of you often, and will always appreciate everything you did to support us.

Adam started primary school in September, I still haven’t quite gotten used to that yet haha. But he is doing tremendously well and making lots of friends. His character continues to grow and he is a very funny and kind little boy. I’m really glad Adam has settled up here and is happy, he calls my partner Dan ‘Dandy’, which is a very cute mixup of Dan and Daddy. They have a beautiful relationship, but Adam is still very much a mummy’s boy haha. Adam is 5 in December, it’s hard to believe his 1st birthday we were at the refuge the time has really flown by! 

I started my first year at University in September which is going well, it is bloody tough though haha - but it will all be worth it in the end. As it is a early years and childhood studies degree, it’s dragging up a lot of things for me in regards to trauma with my mum and the domestic abuse, but I’m trying my best to get through it and to try and use those experiences as strengths rather than a weakness.

Also, to end this with some more positive news. I thought I would tell you that Dan & I are expecting our first baby! I’m only 8 weeks but it’s still very exciting! We can’t wait to tell Adam, he keeps talking about when I have a baby -  so I think he will be shocked when we actually tell him He’s going to be a big brother for real haha.

I do hope you’re doing well, you will all forever be part of our lives and the journey to ‘recovery’ as such 💜


Lots of love,

Annabelle xxxx